the bridge

We have been a bridge between the tea and the tea culture worlds of China and India.

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We produce CTC for making milk tea and masala tea.

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This unique, high altitude aromatic leaf tea has no parallel in the world.

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about us

Started in 1992, after Rajiv Lochan left a professional tea planters job. Took steps to convert a non traditional area into a major tea growing hub – Kishanganj. Set up a tea estate called Doke Farm ( and established a specialised hand making tea unit in Doke.

In the meanwhile a sustained effort of establishing a strong marketing network of both packaged and bulk teas has been started since 1998, by setting up central tea packing units in Siliguri and Kolkata.

Environmental protection and eco-friendliness is always on our minds, whenever any new idea germinates and production of organic teas.

A group of tea professionals is supervising the implementation of this vision. Institutional financing is the backbone of this ambitious project. Modern day management tools are being employed in the achievement of this dream with an eye on doing e-commerce to compete globally.